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Award-winning smoked food from Devon

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Mike's Smokehouse is a family run business offering a range of fine foods gently smoked over Manuka woodchips for a light and delicate flavour. All our food is hand prepared by a small and dedicated team to ensure the highest quality at all times.

The Manuka part of our products name comes from the wood from which our smoking chips are made. Manuka has many beneficial properties, as users of Active Manuka Honey will know, but we use it for the taste imparted by its use in our process.

We hope you enjoy looking through this website and find what you are looking for, either for yourself or maybe as a gift. All our products are READY TO EAT and require no further preparation so are perfect for everything from picnics and easy meals for one to dinner parties, canapés and buffets .

We offer a next day delivery service anywhere in the UK mainland so distance is no problem.

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact Grant or Sasha on 01548 559333 or grant@mikes-smokehouse.co.uk